Insomnia features update…

Howdy folks -

Another sleepless night, which means a chance to try out some new
features on the social media site.  I have installed a plugin that
will allow for more control over notifications from the Groups feature
- particularly from “Team Awesome”.  If you haven’t already, you
should join up in Team Awesome.  That represents the core
functionality for the site.

Here are the details on the notification levels that will now be
available from Team Awesome:
EMAIL SUBSCRIPTION LEVELS There are 5 levels of email subscription
options: 1. No Email – Read this group on the web 2. Weekly Summary
Email – A summary of new topics each week 3. Daily Digest Email – All
the day’s activity bundled into a single email 4. New Topics Email -
Send new topics as they arrive (but don’t send replies) 5. All Email -
Send all group activity as it arrives

DIGEST AND SUMMARY EMAILS The daily digest email is sent every morning
and contains all the emails from all the groups a user is subscribed
to. The digest begins with a helpful topic summary. The weekly summary
email contains just the topic titles from the past week. Summary and
digest timing can be configured in the back end. (The admin can view a
sample of the digests and summaries in the queue by going adding this
to your url: This won’t send emails just show what
will be sent)

To get to the email options, go to the Team Awesome Group Page
(, and to the right
of the Group icon, there will be a statement indicating your
subscription level:
Your email status is Daily Digest (change)

 There is also an option for “Email Options” in the navigation tab
that you can update at any time.  Please Note: The default for folks
who have already signed up for Team Awesome will be no messages.  I
can push some draconian updates to change everyone’s subscriptions if
that is wanted – but would prefer if everyone choose their level.  New
members – I will default to a weekly summary.

My thinking is that there will not be an email sent out on the rare
occasion that team awesome hasn’t been posting… (hint hint).

Anyways – I hope this is helpful and not spam-ful.

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Setting up the site experiment…

So welcome to anyone who is willing to visit. This is a fun experiment, but I have gotten about as far as I can get without some additional users interacting with the system. Some things worth trying out:

  • Update your icon/avator
  • Check your friends list – approve me as a friend (so I can add you to “Team Awesome”
  • Try posting and/or commenting
  • I am working in making the Calendar/Events editable – right now I have to update events from the backend of the system.

    Anyway – have fun. I know there are a bazillion social media things out there – but any interaction and feedback that you give me on this system will go a long way in my ability to fine tune an offering that I can apply towards trying to make a viable system that would be useful to someone / somewhere.


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    DC United match

    Title: DC United match
    Location: Washington DC
    Description: Vince, Scott. myself and a couple other peeps are heading out to see DC United play the Colorado Rapids

    Sat, May 14, 2011 07:30 PM
    Start Time: 07:30
    Date: 2011-05-14

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    Fwd: Repairing a squeaky floor…

    My kitchen floor is removed, to the point where the sub-floor is the
    only bit showing.  I have a really squeaky section – but I cannot seem
    to find a single joist underneath this section.  I have sent about a
    dozen screws into the floor in search of a joist, but to no avail.  I
    believe that I have discovered why the floor is squeaky…

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    How to predict when I am about to initiate a disaster

    I have discovered a way to predict when I am going to initiate a disaster.

    It is immediately preceded by my saying or thinking a phrase with the following pattern:

    “It’s just a ____ how ____ can it ____?”.

    I have yet to take advantage of this new found knowledge… but I have confirmed the hypothesis twice tonight.

    1) Oven, Heavy, Be;

    2) Leaky water shut-off valve, Much water, Leak.

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