New Home – E17 in London (Walthamstow)

  • Dollars swapped for pounds
  • Pound signs on the phone swapped for Hash signs
  • Normal keys exchanged for Scooby-Doo style keys
  • Delicious cold beer exchanged for warm, flat ale
  • Cents exchanged for pence
  • Loads of storage space exchanged for no storage space
  • Ineffective mass transport (metro) exchanged for effective Tube Stations, Oyster Cards, and big red double-Decker buses
  • Squirrels exchanged for Urban Foxes
  • No national healthcare exchanged for National Health Insurance

Other thoughts: I now live in a country where the wildlife cannot kill me for the most part. That being said – crossing the street is a dangerous activity, as I am programmed to look in the wrong direction when crossing.

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