New Year’s Resolution…2013

With a New Year upon us, I am going to set myself a challenge in the form of a New Years resolution. For the month of January, I am going to limit my meat consumption, and/or increase my running. The resolution that I have come up with is “A Mile per Meat”. I will not eat any meat on any given day, unless I have gone running on that day. Run a mile – and I can eat one type of meat. One mile does not justify a bacon cheeseburger – that would take one mile for the burger, one mile for the bacon – so two miles. If I wanted to have a sandwich for lunch – it has to be a vegetarian sandwich unless I went for a run in the morning… and certainly should be a long run if I want to have a non-vegetarian dinner.
Not sure if this means that I will be running more, or eating more vegetarian food… but either way, I come out the winner.
So far, I ran one mile on January 1st, which resulted in some lovely fish fajitas for dinner.

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