Moby’s first week. (Now 16 weeks old)

It has been an incredible first week.

Potty training is coming along quite nicely. We don’t even have to leave out puppy pads for him. Relatively accident free. I wake up a couple of times a night to take him out… I have been cautiously listening for him to fidget or wake in the night… and if he does, I whisk him out back to the garden. Last night, one trip was all that was needed. I am looking forward to when he can go all night.

We have started going on walks, which has made me aware of that some things that I take for granted are quite unnerving to a young puppy setting out in London. Cars, for one thing. Cars are spooky for a little guy – and he hears them coming a lot further away then I do. Each time he hears a car, we pause, and wait to make sure it is going to pass by safely. It makes sense, really… but also slows down progress, especially during high traffic times. Our first couple of ventures would be more aptly referred to as “stops” than “walks”, as we were doing more of the former than the latter.

Last night was his first night out on the town. Hayley and I took Moby to a local pub – the Ferry Boat Inn in Tottenham. He did great – say patiently and just cuddled up. Sitting in a pub next to a fire with a dog is really nice.
I feel that he has grown a bit in the last week – he seems taller to me. His puppy belly is not quite as pronounced after he finishes eating as well. It will be interesting to see Hayley’s reaction to his size when she comes home from Switzerland next week. She will be away for five days… and I am going to assume that there will be a detectable difference in Moby in that time.

On Monday, we will be going to a puppy training / socialization session in Chingford. I am really looking forward to seeing how he reacts / interacts with the other dogs. I am really looking forward to just seeing the other puppies in general. I am guessing that there will be quite a number of puppies in attendance, given the holiday season.

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