Sir Moby Monkey Scruff-a-Luffagus

Moby Monkey Scruff-a-LuffagusThe Duke of Poop has arrived. What a cutie. So far, he has proven himself to be an incredible eater and drinker – I have been blown away by his appetite and the amount of water he will drink down in a sitting. Along with those comes pooping and peeing – and he has a 100% accuracy rating on hitting his puppy pad so far. Good man! He loves his security blanket – I rubbed down his litter-mate friend with it (a little Westie that he grew up with – Moby was the only pup in his litter). He has the cutest puppy eyes, an affinty for chewing buttons… and really seems drawn to any cord, power cord, or rope. Also has his eyes on Hayley’s new Christmas slippers.

He really enjoys his new bed. He likes his rope bone. But most of all, he seems to love his Mr. Sheepytime blanket (his security blanket has a sheep on the top).

He is a scruffy little monster, with long legs and an incredibly fat little belly. He has a really thin whispy coat that I think will thicken up as he gets older. His underbelly is quite bald, as are a few spots on the back of his legs.

He is up at 11 pm tonight – after a couple of puppy naps. He will have a special rules night tonight in terms of settling in… but puppy pre-school starts tomorrow, and we will start to get him used to his new routine and rules.

He has been described as a malti-poo… but looking at images, I don’t think this can be entirely correct. He seems to have some terrier in him. Not a lot of maltipoos are entirely black either.

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