Some Apple Nostalgia – in memory of Steve Jobs

Thank you Steve Jobs. You have had a tremendous impact on my life. I still remember the Christmas when Apple entered my life, in the form of an Apple IIe. I remember the game with the rabbit in a maze, and using the arrow keys to get the rabbit to the carrot (part of the ‘Apple presents Apple IIe’ disk). I remember the beeps and clicks, and steady whirling of the Apple IIe as it fired up.

I remember waiting for my iPod 40gb. I stayed home from work, and kept hitting refresh over and over on the FedEx delivery site waiting for information on when it would arrive. When I saw the delivery man from the balcony, I ran out to him and just about tackled him to get my hands on that amazing bit of technology. That was back in the summer of 2004 – and it is still alive and well. What an amazing device.

My MacBook is a treasure. My iPod nano is a delight. Even though I choose Android over iPhone – I know the device has been made possible and made better in no small way by your constant and relentless efforts to advance both software and hardware.

Your work has indirectly touched my life in many ways, and my life is richer from your efforts.

Thank you, Steve Jobs.

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